Redrock Micro (16-066-1105) microFollowFocus Complete Package


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Redrock Micro

microFollowFocus Complete Package. (Mfr # 16-066-1105)


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The Redrock micro's microFollowFocus Complete Package is a comprehensive package including virtually everything needed in a follow focus system. Building up from the microFollowFocus, it adds the most popular accessories including the microSpeedCrank and our set of whips, which allow a second operator to easily pull focus without interfering with camera operations. The microFollowFocus Complete Package is everything an operator needs to add the convenience and functionality a follow focus brings to a rig. At the heart of the microFollowFocus Complete Package is the microFollowFocus itself. The microFollowFocus is a new generation of professional-quality affordable focus unit that leads the way in price/performance. The microFollowFocus is the "little brother" to the microFollowFocus | blue that delivers the same performance and many of the same features as | blue, but at a more economical price point.  The incorporates new designs and technologies to deliver an incredibly solid, accurate, highly repeatable follow focus ideal for any level of production.

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Please Note microLensGears are not included with this bundle. Please see related items if you wish to purchase lens gears.

Choose from the two types of microFollowFocus Complete Package:
• microFollowFocus Complete Package - 16-066-1105
• microFollowFocus | Black Complete Package - 16-066-0002


Item Includes

  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
  • microFollowFocus unit
  • Standard Marking Disk
  • Set-up and Operating Instructions
  • 3 x microWhips (3", 12", 18")
  • microSpeedCrank
  • Redrock Grease Pencil
Choice of microFollowFocus or microFollowFocus | blue (final bundle price will vary)

16-066-1105 - microFollowFocus Complete Package - $ 853.00
16-066-0002 - microFollowFocus | Black Complete Package - $ 1,053.00

microWhips including 3”, 12”, and 18” whips
NEW also includes a Redrock grease pencil for marking focus stops

Please Note microLensGears are not included with this bundle. Please see related items if you wish to purchase lens gears.

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