Autocue QMaster Software & QBox with Scroll Control -Upgraded from QPro to QMaster



IP-based prompting solution (Mfr # SW-UGWCPR/QMASTER)

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QMaster software runs on a PC/ laptop, connecting to a compact external hardware component called the QBox via Ethernet (wired or wireless), serial or USB. The QBox is an intelligent scroll engine that delivers video to the prompter monitor via BNC, VGA or SDI (additional option). 

Key Features

  • Control the prompt output from the QBox or using a computer, with unlimited distance between the two (i.e. another room, building or even country).
  • QBox contains an integrated DA with three composite video outputs.
  • Connect to any newsroom system (NRCS) via MOS, FTP or our own native protocols.
  • Accommodates all languages.
  • QBox has 1/2 Gb storage capacity enabling it to save the latest script or NRCS rundown.
  • If the computer crashes, the QBox continues to prompt, controlled locally by the presenter or operator, ensuring you never need to go to hard copy again.
  • Once the computer is back up and running, the operator can take central control back.
  • Two layers of resilience that reduces costs by removing the need for duplicate prompting systems.QBox can be used for outside broadcasts with no need for a laptop or wires - simply connect to a standard battery belt, load scripts on via a bluetooth capable mobile phone or a USB data key, and control using a wireless scroll control.
  • Prompting wherever you have an Ethernet connection.
  • Connect your NRCS to QBox in the field.
  • Enable your presenters to scroll ahead to review their prompting script whilst their co-presenters are live to air (multi-head license and additional QBox required).
  • Optional add-on modules include Newsroom, Wireless & Bluetooth, Multi-Head, Multi-Controller and Rack-Mount QBox.


Item Includes

  • QMaster license, installation USB Drive and SafeNet USB security dongle
  • License covers connecting one scroll control to the PC/ laptop and one scroll control to the QBox (for additional controllers additional module must be purchased
  • ShuttlePro hand control - option to change for any of our other controllers, including serial multibutton, serial foot control, and wireless control (USB converter available at extra cost)
  • QBox
  • Feature-rich QMaster teleprompter software:
    • Run-order management for multiple scripts
    • Multiple languages - for any complex languages please check exact requirements with your local dealer or direct with Autocue
    • Closed captioning/ subtitles
    • Real-time on-prompter editing
    • Simultaneous off-screen edit and prompt facility
    • Overlays
    • On-screen preview panel (no need for a PC/ laptop preview monitor)
    • Overlays
  • Quick installation guide and detailed user manual
  • Full warranty - 1 year for QBox

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