PSP08 Professional Series Prompter



Lightweight and portable 8" teleprompter ideally suited to tripod or shoulder mounting. Suitable for reading ranges of up to 3m (10 ft).

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The PSP08 has been designed for indoor DV and ENG camera shoots where portability and lightweight equipment is paramount.

• Clear and crisp prompting image (500 Nits) recommended for all but the most extreme sunlight or studio lighting.
• Mount to an ENG camera on matte box bars or chroziel adaptors for an extremely lightweight solution or to a standard shoulder mount using our versatile Gold Plate which slides backwards and forwards to accomodate any size of camera (DV or ENG).
• The PSP 8 uses the same lightweight and collapsible hood as the Master Series, enabling easy transportation. The hood moves up and down to enable you to shoot through the centre of the glass with no need to raise the camera.
• The PSP 8 features image reverse on the monitor ensuring that the software doesn't need to work so hard, providing a smoother scroll for the operator.
• A 5" image reversing prompter monitor can be substituted for the 8" for an even lighter solution.

Available in the following versions :
Code OCU-PSP08SWAGP - PSP08 - 8" Professional Series Prompter 
Code OCU-PSP08SWALWS - 8" Professional Series Prompter Mounted on Handheld ENG Camera
Code OCU-PSP08SWAHE100 - 8" Professional Series for Panasonic HE100
Code OCU-PSP08D - 8" Professional Series Direct View/ Straight Read

• Image Reverse: Yes
• Tally Light & Sensor Ready: No


Size 8? (203 mm)
Aspect Ratio 4:03
Weight 3.1 kgs (7 lbs)
Reading Range 3 m (10 ft)
Contrast Ratio 500:01:00
Brightness 500 Nits
Video Input BNC (composite), VGA (by request)
Pixel Resolution 640 x 480

Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• 8” LCD prompter monitor with BNC connector (VGA by request)
• Lightweight and collapsible small wide-angle hood and bracket system to accomodate all cameras and lens types without the need for a riser
• Versatile camera mounting plate (Gold Plate) which slides back and forth to enable use of any DV or ENG camera (additional camera plate available to provide extra stability with ENG style cameras)
• Broadcast quality prompter glass (70:30), designed to produce the clearest mirror image and the optimal light to the camera
• 25m composite cable
• Quick installation guide and detailed electronic user manual
• Full warranties – 1 year for prompter monitor; 3 years for prompter hardware

• For Code OCU-PSP08SWALWS, Gold Plate is replaced with Mattte Box Bars
• For Code OCU-PSP08SWAHE100, Gold plate is replaced with HE-100 mount

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