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The Model PS-15 Power Supply is designed to work within the TW Intercom System. The PS-15 is suitable for small to medium-sized TW Intercom Systems.

The unit is self-contained and features two-channel operation: one “wet” channel with 24 to 32 volts DC and one “dry” channel without voltage potential. Each channel provides an audio termination impedance of 200 or 400 Ω (switch selectable). This power supply allows speech signals and DC to exist on the same wire (Channel I). The power supply’s outputs are protected against short circuit conditions with recovery being automatic and instantaneous. A single PS-15 Power Supply can power 6 to 30 user stations (depending on model and combination -see specifications). If still more user stations are needed, two PS-15 Power Supplies can be coupled together to double the powering capability: a ¼-inch 3-circuit phone jack is available on each power supply for this purpose. This connector can also be used as a one-way output port when monitoring or recording the intercom audio signals. When two PS-15 supplies are combined, toggling a rear panel switch on each supply will keep the audio level constant. Two PS-15’s can power as many stations as a PS-31 (with DC load evenly distributed between the two supplies). Since the PS-31 supplies more voltage than the PS-15 under full load, the PS-31 is better suited to power a large system spread over a large area.

There are two XLR-type 3-pin male connectors mounted on the rear panel for output interconnection to the user stations. The PS-15 has been designed to meet UL 1419 specifications (professional Audio and Video Equipment). The PS-15 Power Supply may be used in portable applications (use optional MCP-8 channels) or in standard EIA equipment racks (use optional MCP-1 or MCP-2 rackmounting kits). The PS-15 is one rack unit high and one-half rack wide. A single PS-15 may be rack -mounted singly or two PS-15’s may be mounted side-by-side.


Weight 4.68 lbs (2.12 kg)
Frequency Response 100 hertz to 20 kilohertz +1, -5 dB
Outputs One powered channel, CH1, (audio + DC + 200 ?/400 ? 10% termination), and one passive channel, CH2, (audio + 200/400 ? 20% termination)
Width 8.2" (20.83 cm)
Storage Temperature -40
Depth 8.33" (21.16 cm)
Height 1.75" (4.45 cm)
Operating Temperature 0
Output Level 200 or 400 ? 20%. Switchable. On powered channel. 200 ?. nominal is maintained from 18.0 to 33.0 volts
Signal Level Nominal: 2.0 volts peak to peak Maximum: 5.0 volts peak to peak
Output Voltage No Load: 32.0 +2.0. -1.0 volts Full Load: 24.0 volts. Nominal
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Reference 2.0 volts. Peak to peak: 60 dB nominal

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