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New Steadicam Pilot with IDX Battery System for Video Production.

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The Steadicam PILOT with IDX battery system provides the user with a complete system. Through the addition of the users camera and a SteadiSTAND or similar balance stand the unit is ready to use. The IDX E-7S battery is based on the V-Lock mounting system and will provide power for the on board monitor and any optional accessories. Should the camera have a 12 volt input or a converter for 7.2 Volt operation the IDX battery has sufficient capacity to power both the camera, monitor and accessories. The special VL Dual charger is only available with this STEADICAM PILOT system. It provides sequential charge for two batteries. The charger and batteries are not available as a separate option.

The PILOT weighs around 2-10 pounds and will work with a wide array of cameras. This new Battery System feature is in addition to the Pilot’s other advanced capabilities.Video professionals need add only battery and camera of choice as all other required system components are provided for normal operation. The Optional SteadiStand™ or Turtle Base “C” Stand, required for Steadicam balance and operation, fits neatly in the available soft carry case.
The Steadicam Pilot is designed with a lightweight Iso-elastic Arm and ultra low profile vest, lightweight sled with CarbonLite expandable post, upgradeable color 3.5” LCD Monitor, low mass gimbal and offers advanced features/benefits with low cost for the Video Professional.

The sled boasts a true three axis gimbal and is equipped with counter weights for balance and positionable monitor, gimbal and battery mounts. Counterweights are provided for balance .It compacts down by removing the lower cross tube.
The ultra lightweight, low profile vest is designed to provide complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots. No-tools adjustments make it easy to adjust on the “fly”.
12 volt battery pack options are: “AA” battery pack, V-lock or Anton Bauer.
Complete systems are also available.

Key Features:

  • Frictionless, Silky-Smooth Iso-Elastic Performance
  • Huge 28" Lifting Range
  • One-Touch Lift-Adjustment for each section
  • Lightweight Design
  • 3.5" LCD Color Monitor
  • New Arm / Vest Interface System
  • X-Y Vernier Adjustment of Stage Plate
  • Operates in Standard and Low modes

Pricing & Configuration:

PILOT-AB  Sled, Vest, Arm, Back Pack Transport, AB-Mount, 5.8” LCD  $ 3,145.00
PILOT-VL  Sled, Vest, Arm, Back Pack Transport, V-Mount Battery Mount, 5.8” LCD  $ 3,145.00
PILOT-AA  Sled, Vest, Arm, Back Pack Transport, AA Battery Mount, 5.8” LCD  $ 3,145.00
PILOT-VLB Sled, Vest, Arm, Back Pack Transport, IDX VL-2Plus (Dual-Sequential) charger (2) E-7S batteries, 5.8” LCD  $ 3,985.00 
PILOT-ABB  Sled, Vest, Arm, Backpack Transport, 5.8" LCD, Anton Bauer (2) Hytron 50Twin Charger $ 4,463.00 
Production Starter Pak Kits  
PILOT-VLP Pilot System, Production Starter Kit, (2) E-7S batteries, IDX VL-2Plus (Dual-Sequential) charger  $ 4,510.00
PILOT-ABP Pilot System, Production Starter Kit, (2) AB Dionic 50 Batteries, Twin Charger  $ 5,014.00
PILOT "Sled Only" System Packages - REQUIRES MERLIN ARM & VEST  
PILOT-AAS Pilot w/5.8" Monitor, AA-Mount, Backpack & Pilot Arm Post Kit  $ 1,780.00
PILOT-ABS Pilot w/5.8" Monitor, AB-Mount, Backpack & Pilot Arm Post Kit  $ 1,780.00
PILOT-VLS Pilot w/5.8" Monitor, V-Mount, Backpack & Pilot Arm Post Kit  $ 1,780.00
PILOT-VLSB Pilot Sled System with IDX E-7S Battery (2) VL-2Plus (Dual Sequential) Charger $ 2,620.00 
PILOT-ABSB Pilot Sled System with Anton Bauer Hytron 50 (2) Twin Charger $ 3,124.00 
Production Starter Pack Kits - NEW  
PILOT-ABSP Pilot Sled System, Production Starter Kit, (2) AB Dionic 50 Batteries, Twin Charger  $ 3,649.00
PILOT-VLSP Pilot Sled System, Production Starter Kit, IDX VL-2Plus (Dual-Sequential) charger(2) E-7S batteries $ 3,145.00 

Power Supplies

FFR-000046  Battery (E-7S) - Recommended $ 276.00
FFR-000024 IDX V-Mount Battery E-10S 1.75lb Li-ion $ 425.00 
FFR-000023  IDX V-Mount Battery E-10 1.75lb Li-ion $ 536.00 
FFR-000005 IDX V-Mount Charger VL-2 PLUS 2 Channel  $ 494.00 
FFR-000022 IDX E10S Starter Kit (2-E10S Batteries/1VL2 Plus Charger/Cable)    $ 1,381.00  
FGS-900077 Anton Bauer Hytron 50 (NiMH) battery (Recommended)  $ 314.00 
FGS-900059 Anton Bauer Quad 70 watt charger with LCD Display $ 1,780.00 
FGS-900095 Anton Bauer Dual charger – Titan Twin $ 835.00 
FGS-900094 Anton Bauer Simultaneous Charger – TWQ Titan  $ 1,465.00 
FGS-900096 Anton Bauer dual 70 watt charger – Titan T-2  $ 1,150.00 



601-7910 Steadistand - 2 Section/Folding Base   $ 173.00 
CON-037700 DC Power Cable R/A 2.1mm, 6' long $ 8.00 
CON-037700 Merlin Arm Post Kit $ 51.00 
801-7920-04 Start Weight with O-Ring $ 26.00 
801-7920-05  Middle Weight with O-Ring $ 26.00 
801-7920-06  End Weight with O-Ring $ 26.00 
804-0110  Cable, Video RCA to TRRS, 12” long $ 52.00 
804-7430  Pilot Mounting Plate (Spare)  $ 62.00
804-7910  Pilot Spares Kit w/camera screws, locating pin, etc.       $ 100.00     
078-7393-01  Low Mode Kit $ 415.00 
078-5238-01  Steadicam Pilot/Merlin Backpack w/Insert $ 289.00
FFR-000013  Tool Kit Bag-Steadicam Logo $ 21.00 
FFR-000014 Saddle Bag-Sand Bag/portfolio-Steadicam logo $ 26.00 
MSC-200502 Remote Control for Pilot LCD Monitor $ 10.00 


Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer
Battery Anton Bauer Batteries
Battery mount AB 3-Stud Battery Mount
Post Carbon Fiber
Monitor & Sets 5.8" LCD
Arm Iso-Elastic Arm
Gimbal Low Mass Gimbal
Docking Bracket Yes
Head Assembly Flat Base
Construction Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
Load capacity 2 to 10 lbs
LX Standard Vest Optional
Dynamic Spin Not Specified by Manufacturer

Item Includes

  • Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled)
  • Back Pack Transport
  • Carbonfiber Composite Expandable Post
  • Docking Bracket
  • 5.8" Color LCD Monitor (Pilot)
  • Arm Boom - 28"
  • 2lb to10lb Iso-Elastic Camera Capacity Arm
  • Locating Screw (Camera Mounting Screw)
  • Low Profile Lightweight Vest
  • Cable - Power/Cable-RCA to BNC
  • RCA Video Cable
  • Micro Adjustable Z-Y Stage
  • "T" Handle Allen Wrench
  • Secure Locking Stage Plate
  • SteadiStand (Optional)
  • Counter weights for Balance
  • Owner's Manual (Quick-Start Guide)
  • Choose among the following battery mounts : Anton/Bauer, V-Mount and PAG
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty.

Recommended Addons

Recommended Addons


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