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Exceptionally light and highly comfortable communication headset.

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Phonak offers ComCom which is an ultra-light and highly comfortable communication headset providing excellent speech  intelligibility and clear voice transmission in all situations. ComCom is available in several models for use with a wide range of communication devices (phones, radios, intercoms, etc).

Due to its modular construction ComCom can be worn with custom-molded or generic ear shells, in the left or right ear. There are no parts covering or hanging off the outer ear, meaning no pressure around the head or discomfort. ComCom  fits securely inside the ear, providing total freedom of movement, without fear of losing the headset.

Key features:

  • Feather-light and long-lasting comfort.
  • Can be used with custom-molded (eShell) or generic ear shells. 
  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone enables clear speech transmission, even in noisy environments. 
  • Speaker inside noise-isolating ear shell guarantees excellent speech comprehension. 
  • EarJack plug enables accurate perception of surroundings (several plugs available).
  • Foam microphone sleeve, reduces wind noise and protects against dirt and water.
  • Compatible with glasses, helmets, hats and other headgear.
  • No battery (powered by radio/phone) means headset is always ready to use.

ComCom is available in different Made-To-Order (MTO) configurations, based on two types of microphones :

  • Standard boom (noise cancelling microphone; works in noise up to 90~95dB)
  • Close-talk boom, for the noisiest environments (works in noise up to 90~105dB)


ComCom Standard with 2’’PTT
ComCom Standard with inline PTT
ComCom Standard with PTT8
ComCom Close Talk with 2’’PTT
ComCom Close talk with inline PTT
ComCom Close talk with PTT8

Custom ear shells:

eShells are Phonak’s custom molded ear shells. These hollow molds are manufactured using the ear impression of the user and several digital technologies. When an earJackTM is attached to the mold, the ear is sealed and surrounding sounds are attenuated when they reach the user’s ear drum.

Generic ear shells:

Generic ear shells are standard parts that have been designed to fit different ear geometries and ear sizes. Silicone or ComplyTM foam eartips provide the hearing protection feature by sealing the ear canal.


Weight 10g
Operation Temperature range -20°C to +60°C
Ear speaker sensitivity 94 dBA @ 150 mVRMS
Ear speaker impedance 50 Ω DC, 100 Ω @ 1 kHz
Maximum volume 100 dB(SPL)
Cable pull force 50 N
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) EN 55022, EN 55024

Item Includes

  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Accessories Attachment clip.
  • Adapters for cordless or mobile phones.
  • PTT adapters for radios.
  • Carrying case.

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