Portabrace PB-2700DK - Case Inclusions:Standard



Superlite Hard Case with Divider Kit


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The foam is fabric lined for high durability and long life. Ridged plastic dividers help you organize the equipment. Soft pouches and pillows add a high degree of protection in a compact well organized manner, saving you shipping costs over the life of the case. Vaults are watertight, have a pressure relief valve, easy to operate latches and a comfortable hand grip. They are constructed with a high-performance hard-resin material reinforced at the corners and includes a TSA lock.

PB Hard Case models ending with: DKO are Divider Kit Only replacements and UP-GRADES to the foam interiors. For a more substantial solution to the foam, the DKO is used for improved performance. They include pouches, pillows and divider planks, which give you greater flexibility in configuring your ever-changing equipment requirements. DKO's can even be used with many competing brands of shipping cases with worn out foam interiors.

Product Benefits:
• Double-hinged locking system for increased safety and security
• Nest Plush Pillow Protection System
• Reconfigure Dividers As Equipment Needs Change
• Unbreakable resin body-construction
• Veltex-Covered Foam Lining
• Can be used repeatedly
• Customize your setup
• Removable
• Soft, Veltex-lined material
• Ultimate protection

Equipment Covered:
• Sony equipments
• Panasonic equipments
• Canon equipments
• JVC DV300
• HPRC AMRE-2700
• Portabrace PB-2700


Weight 18 lb / 8.16 kg (DK)
Exterior Dimensions L - 23.2" / 58.93cm x W - 20.7" / 52.58cm x H - 8.9" / 22.61cm
Interior Dimensions L - 20.7" / 52.58cm x W - 17.1" / 43.43cm x H - 7.1" / 18.03cm

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