LiveU Breaks Records With 2016 Election Coverage!

LiveU covered every mile of the road to U.S. Election Day 2016 culminating with record-breaking numbers for the company on Election Day: 1,800 portable transmission packs in use, nearly 8,000 hours of streaming, and 212 equipment rentals. LiveU played a central role in bringing the most comprehensive Election 2016 coverage to the 71 million viewers tuned in around the world. 

LiveU has been the solution of choice for top global and national broadcast TV and online outlets and Election 2016 confirmed how valuable the LiveU platform is for high profile news events.

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LiveU will be onsite in Washington DC to support all of their customers on Inauguration Day.  

LiveU offers a complete uplink package for live coverage of major events. The package includes the LU500 backpack equipped with multiple cellular networks, local support, and access to on-site maintenance and spares.