microShoulderMount Standard Bundle


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microShoulderMount Standard Bundle


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The microShoulderMount Standard Bundle turns nearly any camera into a portable, shoulder-mounted production rig. Whether you're shooting with a tiny consumer camcorder, a video DSLR, or an ENG-style camera and 35mm lens adapter, this kit not only increases the stability of handheld shooting, it provides new levels of flexibility to how you shoot.

The shoulder pad and one rubberized handgrip can be adjusted to nearly any position along the included 18" carbon fiber support rods. And with the addition of a Redrock microMount, the 15mm rods can be used to support a host of accessories, from articulating arms to external monitors, batteries and portable hard drives. For enhanced flexibility and support, try Redrock's Deluxe Bundle, which adds a handlebar clamp, two handlebar rods, and a second rubberized handgrip.

• Ultra-Configurable
Virtually every element of the microShoulderMount can be adjusted to align and balance for your rig. Almost all adjustments are made using thumbscrews, and can be further tightened with wrenches for added confidence. The hand grips, camera, and shoulder pad can all be adjusted to fit your body and shooting style.

• Adaptable to a Range of Cameras & Styles
The microShoulderMount can be adapted to just about any style of shooting or camera. The handgrip and shoulder pad can be integrated onto your existing 15mm rod system for a compact setup. For maximum flexibility, the microShoulderMount can be run on a separate set of rods beneath your rig for quick attachment or removal of the shoulder mount support. For ENG style cameras with an integrated shoulder pad, the grip and rod clamp can be attached directly to the camera while using the camera's own shoulder pad. And for setups requiring precise balancing, the rod clamp can be separated from the shoulder pad, so the camera and shoulder pad can be moved independently on the rods.

• Expandable with Other Redrock Accessories
You can enhance the microShoulderMount with other Redrock accessories. You can personalize your rig to exactly meet your needs today, or grow your rig as your needs and camera configurations change.
- Rubberized handgrip and padded shoulder mount for maximum comfort
- Standard 15mm lightweight (60mm center to center) rod configuration
- Optional microMount connector with 1/4"-20 male/female tap can be used to mount on-camera LCD monitor, articulating arm, or other accessories. The microMount can also be positioned on any 15mm rod anywhere on your rig for added flexibility.
- Machined aluminum and stainless steel construction for maximum durability and rigidity


Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• microShoulderMount Standard Bundle includes 1 handgrip - see 8-017-0013 for 2 grip upgrade

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