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Redrock Micro

Remote controlled focus system for shoulder mounted or jib mounted rigs.


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Single Operator
The Redrock microRemote Handheld Bundle is a perfect solution for controlling focus for a single operator. The Torque motor attaches to your rig and fits to your geared lens. The fingerwheel attaches to your handgrip or other part of your rig for smooth controlled focus pulls. The basestation coordinates the fingerwheel and motor, and automates lens calibration among other advanced controls.

Extremely Affordable
The microRemote Handheld Bundle is most often used on a shouldermount-style configuration (such as the Redrock Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle) with the fingerwheel attached to one of the handgrips. This bundle is lightweight, compact, and extremely affordable.

Key Features:
• Works with virtually all cameras and lenses
• Precision movement fingerwheel
• All lenses map to an expansive 270 degrees of rotation
• Can be alternately used to control zoom or iris (or multiple units can be combined to simultaneously control more than one lens setting)
• Automatic lens calibration (with manual calibration option)
• Powerful Redrock Torque motor works with cinema and still lenses
• Optional handwheel mimics a traditional follow focus unit for additional control options
• All-digital system

PLEASE NOTE: Cables are required for proper operation of this product. They are offered as an optional accessory for customers who wish to build their own cables. External power via p-tap power source is also required for proper operation. Lenses must be geared (such as cinema lenses) or have a gear attached to them (check out our microLensGears for gearing still photo lenses).


Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• 1 microRemote fingerwheel controller
• 1 microRemote basestation, wireless ready
• 1 Redrock Torque motor

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