Libec ALLEX (ALX S8) Slider



ALX S8 is a successor model of former "ALLEX S", 80cm/31.5" slider with a payload of 15kg/33.0lb* - A smooth and easily controllable slider. (Mfr # ALX S8)

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The Libec ALLEX system is consist of ALX S8, a 800mm/31.5" length slider. ALX S8 could be installed to ALX T or any other 75mm ball diamter tripods by using the tripod mount adapter and the bowl clamp which both come with the set.

A smooth and easily controllable slider. This is achieved by the eight high-performance ball bearings applied with specific grease, which are installed to the slider platform. The ball bearings are positioned efficiently on the rail top and at an angle on the other side, sandwiching the rail, to prevent wobbling during operation.


  • Legs open and close to 180 degrees that allows to store the slider into the carrying case without removing the legs.
  • The spring-equipped friction knob enables precise weight adjustment for a smooth sliding movement.
  • Using the supplied hexagon wrench, pushing force of the ball bearing against the rail can be adjusted.
  • Tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp are included for mounting the slider on 75mm ball diameter tripods.

1. The weight is excluding tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp.
2. When not attached to the tripod.
3. Actual length of the rail.


Weight 1.8kg / 4.0lb *1
Head Assembly Head attachment - 3/8"screw
Sliding Range 708mm / 28.0"
Payload 15kg / 33.0lb *2
Spare screw Screw holes on the rail’s back side 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes
Rail length 800mm / 31.5" *3

Item Includes

  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • ALX S8 slider
  • ALX S8 case

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