Libec Allex (ALX S4 KIT) with Head, ALX S4 slider and tripod


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40cm/15.5" long slider with a tripod system. (Mfr # ALX S4 KIT)

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Libec ALLEX (ALX S4 KIT) 40cm/15.5" long slider with a tripod system is the new style tripod system which provides greater usability than ever by perfactly performing the following three movements, pan, tilt, and slide.

The Libec ALLEX system is consist of "ALX H," a 75mm ball head, "ALX T," a 75mm ball diameter tripod, and "ALX S4," a 400mm/15.5" length slider.

Slider: ALX S4

  • The spring-equipped friction knob enables precise weight adjustment for a smooth sliding movement.
  • Using the supplied hexagon wrench, pushing force of the ball bearing against the rail can be adjusted.
  • Tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp are included for mounting the slider on 75mm ball diameter tripods.

Tripod: ALX T 

In spite of its lightweight of only 2.5kg/5.5lb, the ALLEX tripod has significantly higher rigidity than our existing compact tripods. This supreme rigidity is achieved by its newly modified leg stoppers. Moreover, not only high rigidity but also a perfect stability is provided by its extendable brace and spikes integrated with foot pads.

Head: ALX H 

ALLEX H has a Dual-head design that enables attachement to both 75mm ball diameter and flat base tripods. Mountable on sliders, skater dollies and other equipment.


Weight 5.4kg / 11.9lb
Length ALX S4 Rail length: 400mm / 15.5"
Sections 2STAGE
Dimensions (WxHxD) ALX 4 Payload: 15kg / 33.0lb
Ball diameter 75mm

Item Includes

  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
  • ALX H 75mm ball head
  • ALX T 75mm ball diameter tripod
  • ALX S4 400mm/15.5" length slider
  • Case: RC-20


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