Leader LT4441 – Auto Changeover for the LT443D


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The LT4441 provide redundancy for key signals in critical sections of the operation; ideal for mobile trucks and larger broadcast and post production facilities where failure is not an option.

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The Leader LT4441 is a changeover unit that automatically switches the signal from the primary signal to the backup signal when problems are detected in the primary signal.  Two systems of input signals (primary and backup) are connected to the LT4441, and it detects errors in the amplitude of the primary input signal.

A single LT4441 provides 11 channels. Depending on the configuration of the internal switches, SDI (channels 1 to 3 only), analog black burst, tri-level sync, AES/EBU digital audio, and word-clock signals can be received by the channels. Relays are used to switch channels 1 to 3. Electronic switches are used to switch channels 4 to 11.

Key Features:

  • Provides 11 channels (a single channel consists of a primary input, a backup input, and an output) on a single LT4441.
  • The LT4441 uses electronic switches for switching channels 4 to 11. It also uses high-speed detection circuits for detecting errors. These enable the LT4441 to switch to a backup signal with barely any disturbances shown on the screen when problems such as interruptions occur in the primary signal.
  • The channel 9 and 10 inputs are dedicated inputs for AES/EBU digital audio signals.
  • The channel 11 input is a dedicated input for word-clock signals. The channel receives TTL signals and transmits +5 V CMOS signals.
  • The delay for starting the error monitoring at power up can be set to FAST or SLOW depending on the rise time of the system signal source that the LT4441 is connected to.
  • By using the internal preset switches, you can switch between the level detection of SDI (only supported on channels 1 to 3), NTSC or PAL analog black burst, and HD analog tri-level sync signals.
  • AES/EBU digital audio and word-clock signals are received through dedicated connectors.
  • When a signal level error is detected, the LT4441 lights the error LED on the panel as well as the panel LED that indicates the input channel that is causing the problem. This feature allows quick investigation of the problem.
  • The depth of the LT4441 matches the LT443D (Multi Format Video Generator). This enables you to construct a system that is 3U in size by combining the LT4441 with the LT443D.


Inputs Primary Input - 10 input connectors (75 Ω BNC connectors) 1 input connector (TTL input, 75 Ω BNC connector)Backup Input - 10 input connectors (75 Ω BNC connectors) 1 input connector (TTL input, 75 Ω BNC connector)
Weight 4 kg/ 8.81 lb
Outputs 10 output connectors (75 Ω BNC connectors) 1 output connector (+5 V CMOS output, 75 ΩBNC connector)
Dimensions 426 × 44 × 560 mm / 16.77 x 1.73 x 22.04"
Power consumption 25 W max
Power requirement 90 to 250 VAC (no switching necessary) 50/60 Hz

Item Includes

  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 2 x Rack Supports
  • 4 x Rack Support Mounting Screws
  • Power Cord
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cover/Inlet Stopper

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