KA-113 - Base Unit Type: Right Angle XLR for Internal Stereo Coiled Cable



K-TEK Articulated BoomPoles. Right Angle XLR for Internal Stereo Coiled Cable


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Now Equiped with Soft-Touch Rubberized Dimpled Collars
The introduction fo the K-Tek Klassic revolutionlized the way that boom poles were made. The K-Tek Articulated Poles are revolutionizing the that Boom Poles are used!

To expand the revolution of boompoles we have developed the Soft-Touch rubberized dimpled collars. This new design offers a UV and rain-resistants collar to withsand years of use. The Soft-Touch provides a pleasant touch and good grip under all conditions, even in extreme temperatures and humidity.

Expansive Reach
The KA-113 has four telescoping sections before the joint and two more after, providing a reach of nearly nine and one half feet (287 cm). Five positive locking positions provide articulation at 90, 112.5, 135, 157.5, or 180 dgrees. This allows the microphone to be placed at, under or over the subject or over obstructions.

Single-handed Operation
K-Tek's patented articulated design allows the operator to comfortably hold the pole with one hand with the mushroom base at the belt line, freeing one hand to operate the mixer. The pole goes up...over...and back down to accurately position the microphone while staying outside of the frame line. Or invert the pole and the articulation allows you to go under and back up to position the microphone. A simple two-person interview can be done with the mushroom base on the floor (or operator's toe) and the articulated section positioned over the talent. Rotating the pole moves the microphone.


Weight 1.044 kg (CCR)
Sections 6
Min. Length 2.2' - 2.5'
Max Length 9.5'

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