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HODGES Effect Brass Weight for Klassic Boompoles


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Boom Pole manufacturers have been striving to make their products as light as possible. Generally, they have achieved a great weight reduction using carbon composite and exotic alloys. The boom operators ask … why is my rig so heavy when I use the new light weight boom poles? The entire pole, microphone, mount and cable assembly might be only four pounds but it feels like more. What the operator feels as weight is, of course, the downward moment of force of the microphone and mount at the far end of a long pole. This force can be considerable. If one could hold the pole at, or near its center of balance, it would be very easy to hold and maneuver. With the left hand as the pivot point at the balance point, the right hand can guide the microphone to its desired position effortlessly. Unfortunately, at the balance point, over half of the pole is sticking out behind. This problem is solved by the HODGES Effect Brass Weights. M. Klemme Technology Corp. manufactures finely machined brass weights that attach to the base of the K-Tek microphone boom poles. These brass weights, in 750 gram units, can be attached in combination to move the balance point of the pole/mic assembly back to a comfortable and practical point. The ideal balance point to achieve the maximum reduction in fatigue and the most precise control of the mic position, is just forward of the natural position of the pole pivot on the left hand. (This is assuming normal “pivot on the left/control with the right” booming.) With the HODGES Effect, the total weight of the system is increased, but feels as though a great weight has been removed.


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