IANIRO 7010 Varibeam led 80 DC - Battery powered



Perfect as a portable lamp, for outdoors usage, mostly battery powered. (Mfr # 7010)

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It is the perfect as a portable lamp, for outdoors usage, mostly battery powered & it can also be temporarily connected to the mains with its power supply (optional). It has Not recommended for fixed studio installations.

Ianiro Varibeam LED fixture features compact and distinctive red-orange color exterior. The original Varibeam or Ianiro Ianebeam, also called "Quartz", was quickly dubbed by the Brits “Red Head” and the French “Mandarine” for its particular orange-red color combination. It was the first, and widely imitated, solution to use the innovative American DXX 800W halogen bulb back in the early ‘60s. Its compact and functional design became an international standard and a true global icon in professional lighting.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-compact design and rugged construction
  • Custom designed heatsink
  • Yoke with universal 16mm - 5/8” spigot
  • Onboard dimmer without color temperature variation
  • Possible to control dimmer
  • Uniform and optimized focus by the mirror
  • No shadow fragmentation
  • selection and arrangement of the leds on customized 
  • PCBs for high rendering index and colorimetric stability
  • 99.99% extra pure German aluminum mirror (high reflection) polishing calibrated for the leds with lightly-hammered mirror for uniformity of the treatment on every item and over time.

There are 2 color temperatures, of which you can choose:

  • Cool Film (daylight) - varibeam Cool Film 5600°K (+/-150°K) CRI 81
  • Warm (tungsten) - Varibeam Warm 3200°K (+/-60°K) CRI 81 angle

Note: This version is available on demand with CRI 95 (High CRI). Code 7010 W HC / 7010 CF HC


Item Includes

  • Accessory holders
  • Filter holder (without gel filters)
  • Diffusion filter (white opal)
  • Standard Manfacturer's Warranty

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Recommended Addons

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