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3G Single Link Interafce Unit


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The HKCU-2005 Fibre Transmission Unit is an upgrade for the Sony's HD CCUs that doubles the signal transmission bitrate between the CCU and suitably equipped cameras to 3G (3 Gigabit/second). CCUs with this enhanced capability are able to work as a complete 1080/60p or 50p production system.

Upgraded CCUs and cameras will be ready for use in future 3G and 3D video environments.

Supports 1080/50p, 60p signal output
- 3G High Bitrate transmission between the Camera and CCU.

Supports RGB 444 signal output from the CCU*
- High Bitrate transmission between the Camera and CCU supports RGB 444 signal output from the CCU*

Trunk Line operation
- The new high bitrate capability can be used in Trunk Line mode to connect two cameras to two CCUs via single cable

Alternatively, two cameras can be can be connected to one CCU, where the Sub camera's remote signal is added to that of the the Main camera. Both can be controlled separately from RCPs. Tally, Intercom and Audio do not function on the Sub camera in this operational mode.

Supports HD SDI Prompter signal transmission
- The HKCU-2005 can be configured to supply a signal to an HD SDI prompter for high quality prompting, or it can supply a floor monitor system

Support 1080/50P, 60P signal output
- 3G High Bit Rate transmission between CAM-CCU to support 1080/50P, 60P signal output from CCU with SMPTE425M Single Link option capability

Support RGB 444 signal ouput.
- 3G High Bit Rate transmission between CAM-CCU to support RGB 444 signal output from CCU

Trunk Line Operation
- Trunk Line Operation provides Dual Camera System 2CAM-2CCU or Sub-Camera system 2CAM- 1 CCU operation, which can offer less cabling operation.

Support HD SDI Prompter signal transmission
- HD SDI prompter can be configured, which is useful as high quality prompter or floor monitor system.


Weight 0.4 kg (14 oz)
Dimensions (WxHxD) DRX-8 board: 19 ? 110 ? 226 mm (3/4 ? 4 3/8 ? 8 7/8 inches) HIF-57 board: 19 ? 98 ? 159 mm (3/4 ? 3 7/8 ? 6 1/4 inches)
Operating Temperature -10
Power consumption 8.5 W (HKCU-2005 only)

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