Sony HDW-S280/1



HDCAM portable video tape recorder with Betacam SP and Betacam SX playback


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The HDW-S280/1 portable recorder is the latest addition to the HDCAM line up, and operates at the frame rates used for mainstream and prestige programme creation and distribution. It offers 1080-line HDCAM recording and playback at 50i, 59.94i, 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF and 29.97PsF rates, removing the need to hold seperate recorders for European and US/Japanese productions.

In addition to AC operation, the HDW-S280/1 can also be battery driven, for use in outside broadcast vehicles, helicopters, cars etc. It also makes business sense even when post production and programme distribution remains at 625/50 standard definition. An inbuilt HD to SD downconverter provides a standard definition output from your high quality HDCAM original recordings.

Compatible replay of Betacam, Betacam SP and Betacam SX tapes completes the feature set to smooth your transition to the world of high definition.


Weight Approx. 6 kg
Audio Input Analogue audio: 2 x XLR 3-pin Time Code: 1 x BNC
Dimensions (WxHxD) 210 mm x 132 mm x 425 mm
Humidity 25% to 80%
Storage Temperature -20C to +60C (-4F to +140F)
Operating Temperature +5C to +40C (+41F to +104F)
Power consumption AC Operation: approx 80W
Audio Output Analogue audio: 2 x XLR 3-pin Time Code: 1 x XLR 3-pin Monitor output: 2 x XLR 3-pin
Video Output Analogue composite / SDI / HD-SDI: 2 x BNC (one with character display)
Power requirement AC 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz DC 12V
Video Input Analogue reference: 1 x BNC with loop through HD-SDI: 1 x BNC with loop through for monitor (SMPTE 292M) 1.485Gbps
Recording Format(s) HDCAM (1080/50i, 59.94i, 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF)

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