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K2 10G RAID storage system offers high-performance online, production and cost-effective nearline storage.

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Grass Valley K2 10G RAID provides high-performance online, production and cost-effective nearline storage. With that system you will fully optimize your media server system, significantly increase capacity and bandwidth, and cost-effectively support multiple online, nearline and standalone storage configurations. With SAS storage drives, 8 Gb/s Fiber Channel hardware RAID controllers, redundant connectivity, hot-swappable power supplies and high-performance bandwidth delivery, you'll have the highest scalable capacity and performance you want, with the bandwidth and redundancy you need.

Online Storage

Total bandwidth and storage is scalable to fit any application precisely. K2 10G scales from lower-priced systems that support from 4 to approximately 20 channels, to mid-range systems that go up to approximately 50 channels.

Production SAN For Ingest & Editing

For ingest and editing applications, a production version of K2 10G storage is available with higher capacity 7.2k SAS drives.

Cost Effective Nearline Storage

K2 nearline systems offer cost-effective storage without sacrificing support for high-bandwidth file transfers. Featuring RAID-6 protection with up to 400 MB/s of bandwidth, it can scale up to 432 TB of raw storage.

Direct Attached External Storage

For direct attached K2 clients with larger stand-alone storage requirements, a RAID system can be connected with up to 900 TB of raw RAID-protected external storage, without requiring a SAN.


  • Multiple options to meet the exacting requirements for online, production, and nearline storage
  • Storage architecture supports 10k RPM SAS drives for highest-performance online storage or 7.2k SAS drives for lowest cost/GB of storage
  • Uses the latest IT technologies for best price/performance:
  • Highest bandwidth in the industry
  • Scalable bandwidth – easily add to existing systems
  • Scalable storage – easily add non-destructively to existing systems
  • High availability – redundant components include hot-swappable power supplies, fans, disk drives, RAID controllers, mirrored system drives
  • Systems can be built simply with fewer components, in less rack space, for higher reliability
  • Open-storage technology supports industry standards:
  • 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel RAID controllers offer highest performance available
  • Advanced eco-friendly energy saving technology:


Weight Server Chassis: Weight: 16.3 kg (35.8 lbs.) - RAID Chassis: Weight with 24 drives: Main chassis: 31 kg (68 lbs.) Expansion chassis: 29 kg (64 lbs.)
Dimensions Server Chassis: Height: 1 RU, 43 cm (1.7 in.) Width: 45 cm (17.6 in.) Depth: 77 cm (30.4 in.) - RAID Chassis: Height: 2 RU, 86 cm (3.4 in.) Width: 44 cm (17.5 in.) Depth: 54 cm (21.3 in.)
Power requirement Server Chassis Specifications: Voltage: 110/220V Frequency: 50/60 Hz Consumption: 670 W - RAID Chassis Specifications: Voltage: 110-240 VAC ±10% Frequency: 50/60 Hz Consumption: 660 VA/640W Primary chassis power: 2,118 BTU/W Expansion chassis power: 1,470

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