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Frameline Generator

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Transvideo Frameline Generator displays 1, 2 or 3 framelines, a cross and a marker. The framelines are very accurate and stable.

The framelines brightness can be adjusted from black to white and from full lines to dots. The marker can be a double-cross, a square, or two perpendicular lines. The marker is used to mark a specific point in the frame in order to duplicate the same exact framing on the next take.

Advanced functions include automatic centering of one frameline on another, and automatic centering of the framelines on the screen. The outside of the largest frameline may be shaded.

The first user-friendly Frameline Generator:
• Key pad clicks when a key is pressed.
• Key pad glows in low-light.
• Auto-memory: after a few seconds without changes the Frameline Generator automatically saves the configuration into memory.
• Settings can be saved in 4 programmable memories, and recalled at will.
• All 5 memories are stored in a chip, and do not depend on power or back-up battery.


Connectors Power: Lemo 2 (Panavision type)
Weight 250 g
Operating Temperature -20?C + 60?C
Dimensions 156 (l) x 74 (w) x 20 (d)
Power input 8 to 28v DC
Nominal Level 1V / 75?
Power consumption 0.7 W
Video Output Connector: BNC male
Video Input Connector: BNC male

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