Sony lapel microphone ECM-44BMP



Affordable omni-directional lapel microphone. 3.5mm locking jack version for use with WRT-805 wireless transmitter.


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Sony has produced over five million professional ECM (Electret Condenser Microphones) microphones and the ECM-44 is the affordable, general voice model. It provides good sound quality and is widely used in business presentation systems and TV production. The ECM-44 is available in four versions, featuring different connector types. This model, ECM-44BMP, has a 3.5mm locking jack for use with WRT-805 wireless transmitter.

• Tuned for voice pick-up
- The ECM-44’s capsule features an emphasis curve and a suitable frequency response for voice pick-up.

• Compact size
- The capsule has a diameter of only 8.5mm and is 14.5mm long.

• Ready for wired applications
- The ECM-44BMP is compatible with the Sony Freedom WRT-805 wireless transmitter.

• Convenient to use
- The ECM-44 is an affordable alternative to the traditional hand held microphone and being ‘hands free’ it allows the presenter to concentrate on her/his performance

• Professional image
- Either ‘in front of camera’ or at a business presentation the ECM-44 creates a professional and tidy image.

• Easy to use
- It can often be difficult to achieve good quality voice pick-up but the ECM-44 can help get good results. The microphone's capsule is designed for general voice pick-up with a mid-frequency emphasis characteristic and a suitable frequency response.


Weight 2g (microphone capsule)
Directivity Omni-directional
Output Impedance 250 ?
Frequency Response 40 Hz - 15 kHz
Sensitivity -40.0 dB (10 mV)
Sound Pressure Level 122dB max
Dimensions 8.5 mm diameter, 14.5mm long

Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• Tie Clip
• Operation Instructions

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