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Digital Wireless Receiver Adaptor


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Sony is proud to introduce a digital wireless microphone system that offers high-quality full-digital operation and enhanced system performance - a perfect match for high-quality ENG/EFP applications.

The system, which consists of the DWT-B01 beltpack transmitter, the DWR-S01D dual portable tuner & the DWA-01D receiver adaptor, delivers excellent-quality wireless transmission of 24-bit/48-kHz digital audio. Thanks to the Sony original codec, it realizes low-latency, secure and reliable operation. In addition, the system allows for an increase of up to 60% in the number of simultaneous multi-channel operations* compared to conventional analogue systems, which gives users enhanced system flexibility. 

With its excellent audio quality and operational flexibility, the Sony digital wireless microphone system opens up a whole new world of audio applications.

Multiple mounting options
The DWA-01D can be used to mount DWR-S01D receiver on HDCAM/XDCAM/Digital Betacam/MPEG IMX camcorders.

Portable receiver solution
The DWA-01D can also be used for housing the DWR-S01D when a portable solution is required. Particularly when used on location with digital audio mixers such as Sony DMX-P01.

Two-channel AES3 digital or analogue audio output
The DWA-01D is able to provide the user with ether a 2 Ch AES or analogue outputs.

Headphone output for monitoring
A headphone output is provided via a 3.5mm mini- jack. This provides for quick and easy audio monitoring.

External DC power
External power can be easily connected via the power connector on the DWA-01D and the supplied 4-pin power cable.

Superb Quality Wireless Transmission & Reception
The digital wireless microphone system transmits & receives high-quality 24- bit/48-kHz digital audio in a specific frequency bandwidth that meets the Wireless Communication Regulations of each country. Utilising the Sony original codec based on Sony's years of experience in engineering audio products, the system delivers a wide dynamic range of more than 106 dB, a wide frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, and an excellent transient response.

Stable and Secure Transmission & Reception
Incorporating the newly developed digital modulator, the digital wireless microphone system allows highly stable wireless transmission that is extremely tolerant to unwanted interference.

In addition, the system transmits & receives digitally modulated and encrypted data to minimize the risk of interception, providing highly secure transmission & reception.

Simultaneous Multi-channel Operation
The digital wireless microphone system allows for large-scale multi-channel operations. Thanks to the newly developed digital modulator, the system realises an intermodulation-free, equally spaced channel allocation. The digital wireless transmission technology used in this system enables a significant increase in the number of simultaneous operations in comparison with current analogue wireless systems. For example, up to16 channels of simultaneous operation is possible in an 8-MHz operating band.

Output connector - SMC9-4S (Sony 4-pin) (x2) (for OUTPUT1 and OUTPUT2)
WORD sync input - BNC-R, 75 ohms, lock range: 32 kHz to 54 kHz
Monitor output connector - 3.5 mm (5/32 inch) dia., stereo mini-jack (for headphones)
Monitor output - 5 mW (16 ohms loaded)


Power requirement 12v dc

Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• 4-pin DC cable
• Instructions

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