DSLR Mini Tripod Platform


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mini Tripod Platform - attaches to bottom of existing DSLR baseplate - 2-074-0001


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The DSLR Mini Tripod Platform is a compact, inexpensive way to quickly and easily attach your DSLR rig to a tripod.

This accessory mounts to the bottom of your DSLR baseplate and adds a mini cheeseplate with a variety of 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes. You can easily attach your tripod quick release plate to quickly switch between handheld and tripod-supported setups.

Please Note: The DSLR Mini Tripod Platform accessory attaches to the bottom of a DSLR baseplate, replacing the . The DSLR baseplate is therefore required to use this accessory.

The DSLR Mini Tripod Platform is an easy, lightweight approach to mounting your DSLR rig to a tripod for fast switches between a tripod and handheld use. This system is primarily for use with handheld DSLR rigs such as Captain Stubling, UltraPort, theEvent, etc. The DSLR Mini Tripod Platform mounts to the bottom of the DSLR Baseplate and replaces the bottom plate. As a result, the DSLR baseplate is a required option. This accessory is not required for rigs with a redrock shoulderpad, since the shoulderpad has an integrated dovetail at the bottom of the shoulderpad. If minimizing weight and size on a handheld rig is not the priority, consider the DSLR Tripod Platform: similar in function to the Mini Tripod Platform, but instead offers a larger sized cheeseplate and rod clamps, so the rig slides on and off via the rails. The tripod platform remains on the tripod and the handheld rig does not take any additional weight. 


Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• DSLR Mini Tripod Platform
• mounting screws
• wrench

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