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High-quality real-time rendering engine to play out graphics both in SD and HD, provides user a natural texture and powerful 3D performance.

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Studio Live Graphic Solution

With the development of studio technology, live program shows the following trends such as higher timeliness, much more information, more vivid performance and professional cooperation. DAURIC On-Air Graphics Solutions provides creation of 3D space, real-time broadcast with infinite layer, automated information processing and system integration with the news network. With the support from DAURIC, the broadcast can improve the program quality, please the audience and ease the heavy workload of editor.

Powerful Rendering Engine

  •  The unique light perception and enhancement technology, ensures bright and vivid picture.
    • Professional Anti-aliasing technology, ensures smooth image, 2D or 3D objects, video files, and other CG objects.
    • The powerful rendering engine ensures real time playback of complex scenes

Real and True 3D scene creation

Innovative Virtual Reality camera and lights functions, brings designers’ imagination to real visual effect by allowing them to control and adjusting every aspects of the animation and objects in 3D scene.

  • Offers navigation to help users to view the scene from any angle
  • Various kinds of light patterns are available like spot, point and directional for independent application on each dedicated objects.
  • Movement tracing capabilities allowing the camera to follow the object’s tracks easily

Flexible Playout Controller

The specially designed control module provides flexible and simple operations to meet the requirements of different applications including news, finance, sports, entertainment, etc.

  • Supports unlimited numbers of graphic layers
  • Provides multiple playlists control, as well as LOGO and crawl control
  • Modify and Replace content on the fly
  • Self-defined Hot-key for different scenes

Real-Time 3D DVE for Live Video with Dynamic window

Dayang DAURIC provides various live DVE scenes with enhanced image quality and real time performance. It is ideal for the Live News program report.

  • Supports creation and playout of 2D/3D live DVE
  • Live video feeds or local video clips can be attached to the surface of 3D objects
  • Video feeds can be changed during playout

Multi-format data entry input
Dauric offers great flexibility when displaying different kinds of data. The data source can be updated in real-time and can be easily associated or linked with different CG or graphic elements including finance ticker, stock trends, audience voting, information bulletin boards, etc.

  • Supports a wide variety of data feeds including XLS, TXT, XML, SQL, etc.
  • Data can be showed in different forms including stock line charts, bar charts, pie charts, etc.
  • Data can be refreshed in real-time, without interrupting the playout.

3D Maps

DAURIC offers a real-time 3D world map production system, which equipped with comprehensive professional tools.

  • True 3D Earth with high performace and flexible operation
  • Supports natural 3D map and plentiful geographic data
  • Precisely locates the landmark based on GIS information
  • Intelligently highlights the edge and the range of certain region

Broadcast-quality graphic server

Dauric integrates Dayang’s latest hardware innovation: RedBridgeIII signal I/O card. It guarantees Dauric’s top-level signal quality and stable performance. By using CPU+GPU architecture, only general PC hardware is required, and this offers powerful render efficiency with cost saving in mind.

  • Supports up to 4 live video feeds (SD), or 2 live video feeds (HD)
  • RTC technology and optimized GPU acceleration algorithm ensures smooth and real-time 2D/3D DVE
  • Offers individual preview channel, operators can check the projects before on air.

Product Models:

DAURIC-Designer II

  • Builds up a unified true 3D scene, creates channel/program graphic scenes and templates, and then stores in the database.

DAURIC-Director II

  • Controls of various types of graphic scenes broadcasting
  • SUpports MOS gateway to link with news playlist
  • Manually creates Graphic Playlist

DAURIC-Server Pro II

  • Controlled by On-Air controller workstation, real-time playout
  • Supports multi-player mixing playout and transaction on sinbgle layer


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