Sony transmitter capsule CU-E700 (DISCONTINUED)


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Capsule for use with WRT-847B handheld transmitter


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The CU-E700 capsule is developed from the WRT-830. The CU-E700 used in combination with the WRT-847B handheld transmitter offers good feedback rejection characteristics while maintaining a subtle and open sound. While the well-balanced audio characteristics allow for a range of use it is ultimately suitable for both jazz vocalists and as a Studio/ENG interview microphone.

• Super Cardioid polar pattern
• High sensitivity optimized for presentations
• Specially suited for interview applications
• Back Electret Condenser
• Rugged capsule

Good rejection of unwanted sound
The design offers a feed back rejection that perhaps is above many other designs that naturally can be compared with this capsule. This offers safe operation even when the unwanted sound level is high.

Back Electret Condenser
Sony developed the back electret charging on the diaphragm in condenser microphones to improve audio frequency response relative to normal electret microphones. It offers similar audio qualities as true condensers, while drawing only minimal current out of a precious limited battery supply. Many designs of high quality studio recording microphones as well as lavaliere microphones from leading acclaimed manufacturers are today based on this Sony developed technology.

Easy and quick swapping of heads
The heads are screwed on the body of the WRT-847B. The electrical signal connection is through gold plated pins on the capsule connecting to gold plated tracks in the body.


Weight 170 g
Directivity Uni-directional
Frequency Response 50 Hz to 18 kHz
Sound Pressure Level 150 dB max.

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