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CTA is a radio station hub which connects the studios together and interfacing them to the outside world.

Clyde broadcast has variety of solutions of varying complexity, to suit different requirements and will be happy to discuss your specific needs in detail, without any obligation.The simplest ‘station’ consists of two studios, and our entry level CTA Package (CTA1) works in conjunction with either two OctoMix studios or two Synergy studios.

The transmission switcher offers a choice of transmission sources – either of two studio outputs, an external ‘sustaining’ feed (e.g. from a satellite receiver for overnight‘re-broadcast’) and a spare input.

Outputs are provided which control On Air indicators in each studio, alerting staff that they are actually On Air and live to the transmitter (hence the studio indicator upgrade).

In stations operating Synergy V2 software, the transmission switcher also controls which studio is in charge of the current (live) playlist.

Whilst the CTA1 Package is ideal for two-studio OctoMix based stations, Synergy users may prefer an additional level of sophistication, to allow greater flexibility, back-up and expansion capability. With stations where there are more than two studios and multiple workstations, this approach is mandatory.

Product Benefits:

  • Studio switcher
  • Monitor selector
  • Off-air receiver
  • Distribution amplifier
  • Upgrade to dual studio indicators (Mic Live/On Air)
  • Pre-wired in 6U Equipment Cabinet


Item Includes

  • TSM1 Transmission Switcher/Monitor Unit 
  •  Pair of Multi-media speakers for use with monitor unit 
  •  Off-Air Receiver 
  •  Distribution Amplifier for above 
  •  Mains distribution to above items 
  •  6U Desktop equipment cabinet 
  •  Upgrade to dual studio indicators (MIC LIVE and ON AIR) 
  •  Pre-wiring of above items

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