CineMonitor HD15 3DView Evolution


15 inch SuperBright model, the necessary S3D tools in a large size field monitor - 917TS0065

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The Transvideo CineMonitorHD15 3DView Evolution is a new version featuring wide viewing angle and wide color gamut. It is the largest monitor in the 3DView family. Featuring all tools and an optional virtual horizon, this monitor is perfect to use on stage for large productions.

An extension of the CineMonitorHD Evolution family, the Transvideo CineMonitorHD15 3DView Evolution includes all the functions and tools of its 2D conterparts plus the 3D Tool set. Each camera/eye can be monitored independently. It can also be used for regular 2D HD productions. To use the 3D mode, the 2 signals must be synchronized.

CineMonitorHD 3DView Evolution includes all functions of a 2D CineMonitorHD Evolution plus the 3D Tool set, including:

Display Modes
CineMonitorHD15 3DView Evolution features specific display modes to evaluate the stereoscopic convergences and cameras correlation: 3 Anaglyph (Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta, Blue/Yellow), Monochrome, Color, B&W and an optional shutter-glasses interface allow the previewing of 3D images.

Advanced functions
The 3D Single Input allows the processing of an embedded 3D signal. Advanced Infinity Grid and Picture Shift functions help to achieve two-camera photometric matching. Finally functions shortcuts can be set by the user on the Rotary Knob. 2D Basic functions work in 3D: dual Histograms, dual Waveforms, dual Vectorscopes.

15-inch CineMonitorHD 3DView
The first HD SDI monitor in the world for 3D D-Cinema field use. The CineMonitorHD 3D View includes several mode to help the operator to correlate cameras and to preview the image in anaglyph mode.

The Cinemonitor HD 3DView provides essential tools for 3D filmmakers:
• 3D B&W mode allowing correlating 2 HD SDI cameras.
• Pseudo Anaglyph mode allowing previewing 3D pictures from 2 HD SDI inputs.
• Vertical and/or horizontal reverse for the second SDI input to use with beam-splitter 3D Rig.
• Vertical grid generator to correlate the cameras.
• Measurement tools showing simultaneously the 2 signals for black level, white level and flicker adjustment.

The CineMonitor HD 3DView can be used as a regular HD SDI monitor. Includes one pair of Pro 3D Anaglyph glasses.

CineMonitorHD15 3DView
• 15" Hi-Definition monitor for 3D and 2D D-Cinema
• High brightness display 1200 NITS
• Left Right 75°, Up 50°, Down 60°
• Power 11 to 36V DC on XLR4 (-1,+4) 50W
• Weight 4850 grams, 10.6 lbs


Inputs 2 x HD/SD SDI + 2 x Rck out, 2 x HDMI
Weight 4850 grams, 10.6 lbs
Contrast Ratio max 650:1
Brightness 1000Nits in 2D mode
Display Size (viewing area) 15-inch
Dimensions (LxHxD) 343 x 303 x 65 mm (13.5 x 11.93 x 2.56 inches)
Power input XLR4 connector (-1, +4)
Power consumption 10 - 36V DC / 50W
Power requirement 11 to 36V DC on XLR4 (-1,+4)

Item Includes

  • CineMonitorHD 3DView Evolution, with 2 shoulder strap pins and 1 bottom slide
  • Screen protective cover
  • Microfiber cloth and bag
  • 4.5GHz 3D-HDTV BNC Dual Cable (2m)
  • 2 x mini HDMI cables
  • Anaglyph glasses
  • USB adapter for SW updates
  • Printed documentation
  • In a Pelican case with custom shaped foam
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty

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