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Ultra Prime 8R Lens offers unique look, covers Super 35, exaggerates speed: ideal for chase sequences, exaggerates spaciousness: ideal for establishing shots or small rooms. 

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The ARRI Ultra Prime 8R/T2.8 lens weight 2 kg/4.4 lbs with front diameter 134 mm/5.3" is an extreme wide angle lens with a unique look unparalleled by any other lens in the film or video world. Because of its rectilinear design it shows an extremely wide angle of view without any of the commonly associated fisheye distortions.

This unique perspective opens new creative opportunities. The Ultra Prime 8R can be used for exhilarating high-speed point-of-view shots, amplifying the apparent speed of movement and putting the viewer right in the middle of the action. Since wide angle lenses exaggerate depth perception, this lens can make any space seem larger than it really is, without showing the telltale distortion of conventional wide angle lenses. For grand establishing shots, walls will look straight even when they are at the edge of the frame. 

Key Features: 

  • Extremely wide, but straight lines stay straight
    • unique look
    • covers Super 35
    • exaggerates speed: ideal for chase sequences
    • exaggerates spaciousness: ideal for establishing shots or small rooms
    • wide angle without fisheye distortions: ideal for miniatures & underwater
  • Small size & light weight- Ultra Prime optical quality:
    • high contrast and resolution
    • T* XP coating ensures flare resistance for deeper, richer blacks
    • minimized chromatic aberration
    • minimized geometric distortion
  • Super Color Matched to
    • Master Primes
    • Ultra Primes
    • Lightweight Zoom LWZ1
    • Variable Primes
    • Ultra 16 lenses


Weight 2 kg/4.4 lbs
Length 130 mm/5.1"
Aperture T2.8 to T22
Lens type Distagon T*
Front Diameter 134 mm/5.3"

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