ARRI Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom 19-36/T4.2 Lens



Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom 19-36/T4.2 Lens with 114 mm / 4.488“ front diameter offers very low distortion, even at 19 mm, exceptional corner-to-corner image performance & extreme close focus up to the front lens element. 

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ARRI’s Anamorphic Ultra Wide Zoom AUWZ 19-36/T4.2 is a unique lens that perfectly complements the Master Anamorphics by extending the range to cover extreme wide-angle focal lengths between 19 mm and 36 mm, without any sacrifice in image quality. The telecentric optical design of the AUWZ means that it has highly uniform field illumination, from the center to the very corners of the image. Focus breathing is virtually non-existent, distortion is kept to an absolute minimum and straight lines stay straight, even at close focus. The cutting-edge lens technologies built into the AUWZ render an inverted image at the sensor plane – a side-effect of the unique design that is overcome with the simple press of a button on most high-end digital cinema cameras.

Lens Mount 

Positive locking (PL) 54 mm stainless steel lens mount with Lens Data System (LDS) contacts. 

Close Focus 

Close focus is measured from the film/sensor plane.

Magnification Ratio 

Magnification Ratio is the relationship of the size of an object on the film/sensor plane (first number) to the size of that object in real life (second number) at the close focus setting; horizontal (H) and vertical (V).


Length is measured from the lens mount to the front of the lens housing. 

Length (including flange focal distance)

Length is measured from the image to the front of the lens housing.

Front Diameter

Diameter of the lens/matte box interface. 

Key Features:

  • Very low distortion, even at 19 mm
  • Exceptional corner-to-corner image performance
  • Virtually no image breathing
  • Uniform field illumination
  • Extreme close focus up to the front lens element 
  • Fixed entrance pupil position over the entire zoom range
  • LDS lens metadata for on-set tasks and VFX in post
  • Complements the Master Anamorphic lenses
  • Unique anamorphic flares


Magnification Magnification Ratio: 1:10.2 (H) / 1:5.1 (V) @ f=36 mm
Weight 5.5 kg / 12.1 lbs
Length 397.1 mm / 15.634“
Aperture T4.2 - T22
Lens Fit & Mount PL LDS
Front Diameter 114 mm / 4.488“

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