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The Original ALEXA with its 16:9 sensor is compact and affordable, with ultra-fast workflows and image quality akin to 35 mm film.  

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The original ALEXA comes with a 16:9 sensor and the original SxS Module that accepts two SxS PRO cards for recording in-camera ProRes or DNxHD.

The ALEXA platform is the most complete digital camera system ever built, with different camera models for everyday shooting as well as specialty applications. The original ALEXA is the first camera on the scene remains at the center of the family; it is the keystone of a modular and upgradeable system with exceptional image performance that is simple to operate, reliable in even the most extreme environments and versatile enough to cover a wide range of workflow and budget requirements. Whether your production is destined for the cinema or television, ALEXA will empower you to tell your story in exactly the way you think it should be told, with pictures of breathtaking richness and detail.

**ARRIRAW recording is possible with an external recorder.

ALEXA Fiber Remote Option

The ALEXA Fiber Remote Option is bringing the pristine and unrivaled image quality of the ALEXA camera into a multi-camera environment typical of broadcast studio or OB van productions. With the Fiber Remote Option attached, the ALEXA is connected through a SMPTE 311M fiber connection and can be remote controlled for live painting operation. Besides the Fiber Remote Box mounted on top of the ALEXA body, a CopperHead system from Telecast Fiber Systems is required, together with a viewfinder monitor, for typical pedestal use.

  • Increased production value with superior cinematic look

With the ALEXA Fiber Remote Option, high quality images are made available to various different kinds of multi-camera television productions, such as:

  • Telenovelas, soaps, sitcoms 
  • Events, music concerts/shows 
  • TV shows, talk shows, magazines 
  • Sports specials: football, ski race, ice hockey and more

ALEXA Key features:

  • Smallest and lightest ALEXA camera
  • Most affordable ALEXA camera
  • 16:9 sensor
  • SxS Module
    • ProRes or DNxHD recording to SxS PRO cards
    • Dual recording: same footage simultaneously onto two cards
  • ARRIRAW T-Link
ALEXA Classic Family Features: 

  • Film-like, organic look
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • High sensitivity
  • ARRI color science
  • Sharp, natural images for HD, 2K or 4K deliverables


  • Multiple output options
  • ARRIRAW (1)
  • Apple ProRes
  • DNxHD
  • Online tools and downloadable apps


  • ARRI Product Quality
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Intuitive, easy to use controls
  • High quality electronic viewfinder
  • Powerful assistive displays, including
  • Well balanced, ergonomic body design
  • Global ARRI service network


  • Compatibility with industry standards
  • Numerous upgrade options
  • Long product cycles


Weight ALEXA body with SxS Module: 6.3 Kg/13.8 lbs. ALEXA body with SxS Module, electronic viewfinder and handle: 7.7 Kg/16.9 lbs.
Color Color Correction: While white balance changes the red/blue hue of the image, color correction changes green/magenta. Adjustable range from -12 to +12 CC. 1 CC corresponds to 035 Kodak CC values or 1/8 Rosco values.
Lens Fit & Mount ARRI Exchangeable Lens Mount (ELM); ships with Lens Adapter PL Mount, 54 mm stainless steel PL mount, Super 35 centered. 52.00 mm nominal flange focal depth.
Dimensions Length: 332 mm/12.95”, width: 153 mm/6.02”, height: 158 mm/6.22”
Shutter Speed Electronic rolling shutter, 5.0º - 358.0º up to 60 fps; 5.0° to 356° above 60 fps. Shutter angle adjustable with 1/10 degree precision.
Sensor Type 35 format ALEV III CMOS sensor with Dual Gain Architecture (DGA) and Bayer pattern color filter array
Recording Frame Rate 16:9 ARRIRAW 0.75 - 60 fps, ProRes HD 0.75 - 120 fps, ProRes 2K 0.75 - 60 fps, DNxHD HD 0.75 - 120 fps, All speeds adjustable with 1/1000 fps precision. To record above 60 fps, the camera needs to be switched to high speed mode (optional license).
Camera Type 35 format film-style digital camera with an electronic viewfinder, a 16:9 active sensor area, integrated shoulder arch and receptacles for 15 mm lightweight rods.
Operating Modes Regular or High Speed mode. High Speed mode requires license purchase. Switching takes approx. 40 seconds.
Filters Permanent filters in front of the sensor: optical low pass, UV, IR
Playback Playback of ProRes or DNxHD from SxS PRO cards visible on EVF-1, MON OUT and REC OUT. Playback audio available over headphone jack and embedded in the MON OUT and REC OUT signal.
Audio 1x XLR 5 pin AUDIO IN for 2 channel, line level, balanced audio. 24 bit/48 kHz A/D conversion. Uncompressed PCM audio recording to ARRIRAW, ProRes, DNxHD and embedded in all HD-SDI outputs. Only available with same project/sensor speed at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps. Max of 2.5 dBm output from AUDIO OUT headphones connector.
Connectors 2x slots for SxS PRO cards (SxS), 2x BNC recording out HD-SDI, 1.5G/3G (REC OUT 1 and REC OUT 2), 1x BNC monitoring out HD-SDI, 1.5G (MON OUT), 1x XLR 5-pin analog audio in (AUDIO IN), 1x BNC return video in HD-SDI, 1.5G (RET/SYNC IN), 1x LEMO 16-pin external accessory interface (EXT), 1x Fischer 2-pin 24 V power in (BAT), 2x Fischer 3-pin 24 V remote start and accessory power out (RS), 1x LEMO 2-pin 12 V accessory power out (12 V), 1x LEMO 5-pin timecode in/out (TC), 1x TRS 3.5 mm headphone mini stereo jack (AUDIO OUT), 1x custom LEMO 16-pin electronic viewfinder (EVF), 1x custom LEMO 10-pin Ethernet with 24 V power (ETHERNET), BNC connectors designed for fast exchange without camera disassembly have been used for ALEXA since approximately mid 2012. These connectors require a special tool.
Recording Outputs 2x 1.5G or 3G REC OUT BNC connectors for ARRIRAW T-Link or HD-SDI video. Both with embedded audio, timecode, metadata and recording flag. ARRIRAW: 2880 x 1620 (16:9), uncompressed, unencrypted 12 bit log without white balance or exposure index processing applied. Requires an ARRIRAW T-Link certified recorder. HD-SDI video: uncompressed 1920 x 1080 (16:9) 4:4:4 RGB or 4:2:2 YCbCr at 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, or 60 fps. Recording other speeds requires a recorder with Variflag support. Legal or extended range signal mapping.
Viewfinder Low latency (≤1 frame delay) electronic color viewfinder ARRI EVF-1 with 1280 x 784 F-LCOS micro display (image: 1280 x 720, status bars: 1280 x 32 above and 1280 x 32 below image) and ARRI LED illumination, both temperature controlled. Image can be flipped for use of viewfinder on camera left or right. Viewfinder Mounting Bracket allows movement of viewfinder forward/backwards, left/right, up/down, 360 degree rotation and placement on camera left or right. EVF-1 controls: viewfinder and basic camera settings, ZOOM button (2.25x pixel to pixel magnification), EXP button (false color exposure check) and jog wheel.
SD Card For importing and storing ARRI Look Files, camera set up files, frame line files, feature li cense keys and user pixel masks. Stores captured stills from the REC OUT image path in ARRIRAW (.ari, 12 bit), TIFF (.tif, 16 bit), DPX (.dpx, 10 bit) or JPEG (.jpg, 8 bit) format (1). Stores log files. Also used for installing Software Update Packets (SUPs).
In-camera Recording QuickTime/ProRes or MXF/DNxHD recording onto one or two (Dual Recording) SxS PRO cards. All formats include embedded audio, timecode and metadata.

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