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Audio Rack-2 RU,16 Dual High Resolution LCD


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The AR-DM22-L is ideal for TV facilities, studios, post production, VTR bays, mobile production vehicles, satellite links, and wherever multichannel audio monitoring is required. The AR-DM22-L supports 16 audio channels with four slots available for interchangeable input / output modules. This unit also provides pristine audio quality and unrivaled flexibility with 100% digital processing, Class D (digital) amplification, selectable stereo downmix modes, Dolby Digital / Dolby E decoding capability (with optional ARDM-D552 module), a " headphone jack with Level control, and an RS-485 port for on-site firmware upgrades. 

The flagship AR-DM22-L provides dual 4" high resolution 640xRGBx480 LCD monitors capable of displaying a wealth of information, including a high contrast, tri-color 16-bargraph display in one window while showing critical Metadata or Channel Status information in the other. Channel, Group, Mix, Dolby, Balance selection, and saved configurations are easily accessed via the system's large navigation buttons. For audio playback, the AR-DM22-L provides large, high performance / magnetically shielded loudspeakers and subwoofer.

Products Benefits:

  • Two High Resolution LCD Displays capable of displaying meters, metadata, channel status, and more
  • High Performance Subwoofer for accurate 
    LFE reproduction
  • User-configurable with a variety of modules
  • 100% Digital Processing
  • Class D Audio Amplification
  • Dolby® Digital / Dolby® E Decoding 
    (with optional ARDM-D552 module)
  • Selectable Stereo Downmix Modes
  • USB 2.0 Port enables on-site firmware upgrades
  • Ethernet port allows remote alarm monitoring
  • Balance and Volume Control
  • 1/4" Headphone Jack


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