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HD/SD digital wireless 8" SuperBright monitor - 917TS0077

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The CineMonitorHD RF features all tools of the CineMonitorHD Evolution plus the ability to receive a wireless signal from a TitanHD Tx.

It works on the 5.8GHz ISM band that doesn't require a broadcast license.

The CineMonitorHD RF carries RGB and YCrCb 10-bit signal (HD SDI and HDMI) as well as SD SDI and composite. It receives without any loss in a normal environment. With a latency below 5ms, it provides real-time SD/HD monitoring.

Equipped with the latest LED backlight technology the monitor outputs over 1000 Nits for full sun operation.

The monitor can be powered by battery (V-Mount or Anton Bauer) or by external DC.

The selection of a channel can be manual or automatic. In P2P mode the link is possible only between one receiver and one transmitter. In Broadcast mode up to 6 receivers can be linked to a single transmitter, but data transmission from receiver to transmitter (S/N ratio, GPIO) is not possible.

Audio & Metadata Transmission
CineMonitorHD RF includes an audio jack connector for audio monitoring. SDI embedded Timecode and Tally transmission are possible in place of one audio channel (if any embedded in the SDI).

Monitoring Functions
Diplay settings include: Aspect Ratio (16/9 and Anamorphic, 4:3 in SD), Fixed markers (TV safe, 4:3 and 14/9), Zoom & Reframe, Image Flips & Monitor Reverse.
Mutliple color adjustments are available: Colorimetry (D56/D65/manual calibration), Curves (LogC, LogF, PanaLog) & Gamma Adjust, Color / Green / B&W display modes, Blue Check.

Picture Analysis
High precision measurement tools include: Line Waveforms (Y, R, G, B), Parade Waveforms (RGB, GBR, YRGB, YPrPb), Frame Waveform with user-programmable clipping levels, Histogram *, Vectorscope, Exposure monitoring.

Standard tools include: Full color Frameline & Matting Generator, Timecode, Embedded Audio Monitoring, Voltage Control, as well as Tri-color Tally.
Based on a high performance multi dimensional filter, the Focus Helper * helps to have a sharp focus in difficult situations. The i/ Lens module reads and displays in a friendly user interface the datas from Cooke S4/i & 5/i as well as Angénieux Zooms with ADS /i module.
An optional virtual Horizon movable on the display can also be ordered (see Recommendations bellow).


Viewing Angles ±80° H, +60°/-80° V
No. of Channels 5 for Europe & Japan models, 10 for USA & Canada models - See more at:
Weight 2080g, 4.6lbs
Contrast Ratio max 900:1
Brightness 1000 Nits
Dimensions 215 x 276 x 106 mm 8.5 x 10.9 x 4.2 inches
Power consumption 11 - 36V DC / 28W

Item Includes

  • CineMonitorHD RF, with 2 shoulder strap pins and 1 bottom slide
  • Screen protective cover
  • Microfiber cloth and bag
  • USB adapter for SW updates
  • Printed documentation
  • In a Pelican case with custom shaped foam
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty

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