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Compact Primes CP.2 - Lens Completion Set 1.

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The Carl Zeiss Lens Custom Sets offer a great package deal of Compact Prime CP.2 lenses. All sets include 1 Siemens Star test chart free of charge. The focal lenghts CP.2 21mm/2.9 to CP.2 100mm/2.1 CF cover the full-frame image format (24 x 36mm), ANSI Super 35 and Normal 35 image format. The CP.2 18mm/73.6 covers the ANSI Super 35 and Normal 35 image format.

The Compact Prime CP.2 lenses are the latest members of the ZEISS family of lenses for digital and film cameras. This second generation of the Compact Prime lenses now delivers even greater flexibility by introducing interchangeable mounts that allow the lenses to be used with a wide range of cameras from traditional cine to HDSLR systems.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable mount allows a mix of HDSLR systems with traditional cine cameras
  • Full-frame coverage (24 x 36mm ) for focal lengths 21 to 100 mm, including a 50 mm macro lens
  • Common aperture of T2.1 for the standard lens set
  • No need for adapter solutions anymore
  • Four different mounts available (PL, EF, F and MFT mount)
  • High stability due to support bracket, which is included for additional lens stability
  • Sweet spot effect with APS-C sensors


Switching between traditional film and digital PL cine cameras and HDSLR cameras is no longer an issue. The Compact Prime CP.2 lenses’ improved functionality means improved ergonomics compared to standard SLR lenses, standard housing dimensions, standard focus and iris gear positions, a consistent front diameter, a robust construction, longer focus rotation and a manual focus, thereby providing the flexibility users demand. With precision and speed - Compact Prime CP.2 lenses are the perfect tool for Independent filmmakers, professional still photographers expanding their services or large studios using HDSLR’s as a second camera for TV and feature film productions.


Item Includes

• Standard Manufacturer's Warranty
• CP.2 100/T2.1 Close Focus
• Interchangeable Mount Set

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