Redrock Micro (3-114-0001) microRemote Handheld Wireless Focus Controller


Redrock Micro

microRemote Handheld Controller.

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Wireless Focus Control

The microRemote handheld controller is a professional-level wireless device loaded with features that make focusing easier and more intuitive. Add the Handheld Controller to your microRemote system and achieve focus control in virtually any situation where it’s difficult to pull focus directly from the camera: steadicam, jib arms, cranes, or just to have some extra room around the camera.

By controlling focus wirelessly you remove the need to directly touch the camera during a shot, but still control focus to direct your viewer’s attention. By untethering your camera from a direct follow focus, unique and creative shots can be achieved using aSteadicam or MoVi that would otherwise be impossible.

In situations where wireless may not be possible or allowed, the optional tethering cable wires the microRemote for direct, interference-free operation up to 20ft away.

Camera Run/Stop

The microRemote Handheld Controller also features the ability to trigger the Run/Stop of supported cameras (cable required). This allows for complete control of the camera remotely for when it may be completely inaccessible, such as 100ft up on a crane.

The microRemote Handheld Unit also has a built in Run/Stop light that indicates when the camera is recording or not, so the camera does not even need to be within your line of sight.

Lens Mapping

All lenses are mapped to the full 270˚ rotation of the microRemote. This is especially helpful for DSLR lenses that have very short throws, but also very helpful for some Cinema Lenses that have unmanageably long throws. The expanded mapping on DSLR Lenses allows for more refined, precise focus pulls that would be impossible with a traditional follow focus.

The mapping process makes all lenses feel similar, allowing for a consistent feel throughout your entire lens set.

Features of the microRemote Handheld Unit Include:


  • Wireless Control of your microRemote system up to 1600m (1 mile) line of sight.
  • Adjustable Indicator Arm
  • Left/Right Hand Operation
  • 3D Marking Discs Compatible with Flares for Use in Dark Environments
  • Dual Adjustable Hardstops for precision pulls
  • Powered by 2 AA Batteries that last up to 11 hours of continuous use
  • Camera Run/Stop Triggering
  • Reversible Direction
  • Lanyard Loop for resting around neck
  • 1/4"-20 thread for Building into a rig


Please note: The microRemote Handheld Controller is an Add-On for existing microRemote owners and is not a standalone system.


Cord / Cable Length 20' (6.1 m)
Front Filter Thread Size 1/4" - 20

Item Includes

  • microRemote Handheld Controller
  • 3D Marking Disc
  • Pair of AA Batteries
  • Redrock Micro Lanyard
  • Standard Manufacturer's Warranty.

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